On January 19, 2023, Linda Poirier, RN MSN FNP-C, Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, from Willow Creek Women’s Clinic in Altoona, provided an informative class on Migraines and Women. She addressed the unique experience of migraine disease throughout women’s lives. She reviewed the hormonal influences on migraine, common treatments, and new medication options.

Topics discussed:

  • Migraine prevalence
  • Migraine diagnosis
  • Migraine stages
  • Migraine dietary and other triggers
  • Headaches and women
  • Perimenstrual headaches
  • Traditional migraine treatment
  • New migraine treatments
  • Hormonal migraine treatment options

Click on the link to watch the Zoom recording: Migraine Class
Passcode: d79L^4Yw

Note: The class does not officially start until 10 minutes into the recording! Please fast forward to 10:00.

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